The Strange is Created Millions of Years Ago

The precursors who created the Strange Network as a means of transportation across the known universe lose control in an unknown accident.

Precursors Go Extinct Millions of Years Ago

Due to the accident which created The Strange and the repercussions of that, the Precursors dissapear.

Ruk's Homeworld Destroyed ~120,000 BC

Ruk's homeworld is destroyed in an unknown incident. Prior to total destruction the recursion of Ruk was created to escape the disaster.

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Ruk Encounters Qinod ~115,000 BC

Apocalyptic event in which Ruk encounters an entity called the Qinod. Unknown whether an intelligent artifact, planetovore, or other travelling group. Caused disruption of the True Code.

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The All-Song is Built ~114,000 BC

The All-Song is built. There is conflicting reports on whether this was purposeful or the work of the "soul" of Ruk itself.

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Ruk Makes Contact With Earth ~100,000 BC

Ruk becomes marooned, trapped to a fledgling Prime World known as Earth. There it still remains.

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The Scar Forms ~1,000 BC

The Scar was created about a thousand years ago in a massive explosion. Because the incident happened so long ago, most Rukians don't know what created the slum, they simply avoid it. What's more concerning is who remains in there.

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Uentaru's Homeworld Destroyed ~1,000 BC

Mycaeum was abeautiful world. Great cities of slender spires reached into it's golden sky, all the way to orbit, glistening in the glory of three suns. A great people lived there, and on nearby planets in the solar system until they were consumed by Vaxt.

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The Redstone Begins Operation ~459 BC

A piece of fundament, now our base of operations. We'll do good work out of here.

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The Machine God is Built ~431 BC

The machine was built to ████████ and ████ planetovores. It was designed ████ ████████████ savior. It's creators ████████ only ever wanted ████████. Only then ████████. ████████ to time.

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Endeavor Sets Off ~300 BC

Endeavor was crewed by the Drasal faction, and set off on a course towards Ruk's homeworld after growing tired of the arguing over Ruk's future. It was not seen until known as Failed Endeavor, she contains no trace of her former crew.

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What We Find and What We Lose 73 BC

Ryuuko's story. (Fill in details/Expand)

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Kolum is Destroyed ~70 BC

The city of Kolum was destroyed by a rogue Qinod construct. A freak accident maybe, some criminal organization in Shome, but most likely? A major faction. Tragedy.

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Ankaseri Falls ~50 BC

The faction of Ankaseri knew what they were doing when they kidnapped my brother. Let this be a lesson that I will not tolerate anything like this again.

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Second Qinod Singularity Expedition ~63 BC

The second expedition ended no better than the first. The singularity ate up that Myriand crew of 20 strong and didn't even leave anything for the Catastrophe Clouds.

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Shahid Becomes Captain of the Redstone ~23 BC

It's not much, but it's enough to get started with.

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